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GASH 2012: The Reprehensibles

The Great Fogie Dynasty continues on, from Fogies, Space Fogies, Those Meddling Adults, and Scav All-Czars, to emerge in its newest form:

The Reprehensible Retrospectacle

Come one, come all, and see the gallery of villains that is this year's team... if you dare.

Fan of all Seven, but right now
he’ll have to go with Wrath

Ignores needy families to 
respond to Scav emails
(John P)

Caused the housing bubble by
urging kids to get their own
damn lawns

Internet troll

Torturer of children

Republican Frontrunner

On a quest for stabby 

Princess Sparkle Pony

Merciless Mom

Slaps defenseless boy wonders

Fruit fly tramp stamp artist

Shot a man in Reno, 
couldn't be bothered 
to write a song about it

The secret ingredient is the 
tears of her enemies

An aggressive Captain. 
You probably won’t like him.

Burden to others 
(unlicensed road tripper)

Cackles at the misfortunes of 

Maker of bad 
"retrospectacle" puns

Enron CFO Andrew Fastow

Phi Beta Kappa, plotting
in retail

Banned from trivia due to 
excess of evil genius

Holds a Guinness world
in evil

Her birth was payback for the 
sins of man. But you know 
the worst thing about her? 
She's going to be a librarian.

Does not acknowledge the
five-second rule
(John L)

Erases page captains from time

(Dr. Becky)

Burns hotter than the bhut

Priestess of the billable hour

Sold smallpox blankets to

Lights pandas on fire

Ambassador of vulgarity

Fearless Leader (ret.)
(Sam F)

Ditching Scav for a wedding

Tweets as a leggy blonde 

Pro-war and pro-family

Inebriates the sick

Nonvoting delegate from 

Goddamn hippie

Rampaging cyclist