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GASH 2013: The League of Disorderly Gentlefolk

The Great Fogie Dynasty continues on, from Fogies, Space Fogies, Those Meddling Adults, Scav All-Czars, and the Reprehensibles to emerge in its oldest, newest form:


Right this way, ladies and gentlemen, and marvel at our disconduct, if you have the ill manners to stare.....
The Belligerent Barrister

The Duke of Dishonorable Combat

Grammar Whiskey

Kicked out of a state dinner for eating Cheese balls without a shirt on (John Paye)

Is Judge Tricky's Mom

I'm a Guerrilla Gardener, planting food in peoples' yards and breeding plants outside of the Monsanto Genetic Hegemony (TM)!

I'm in Gordon Ramsay's kitchen nighmares
Listed in the DSM

Killed Rhaegar Targaryen with a warhammer at the Ruby Ford

I'M DISORDERLY?! This whole damn SYSTEM is disorderly!

Never Rewound VHS tapes from Blockbuser

Attends illegal festivals of culturally oppressed minorities

I'm not disorderly. I just have high entropy. The doctor said so

How am I disorderly?? Christ, have you seen the way I live? Just ask Alex...or Pat...or Rob
(John Laycock)
Wears an Anti-Entropic Snuggie

Scav Whiskey

Got Richard Dawkins to Debate the Existence of Cthulhu with Shirley Phelps (SPH)

Rejects my orders, substitutes his own

Breeder of Chaos Monsters

I think that the Department of Health regulations are just guidelines, really

When they transfer me from one room in Bedlam to another, I'm always the one that leads the nurse, but they get *really* upset when I call myself an orderly. So I call myself 'disorderly' and everyone's happy. Especially me. I'm always VERY happy. Very...