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Who is GASH?

In 2011, GASH consisted of:
  • About 25 full-time scavvies on the ground in Chicago, with a few others helping out here and there
  • About 10 scavvies contributing via remote nodes (mostly part-time)

According to our internal survey, the “average” GASHer...
  • Is about 27 years old
  • Lives in a big city -- maybe in the U.S., or maybe abroad
  • Works as a computer engineer, event planner, or teacher -- or is pursuing a PhD
  • First scavved around 2002 or 2003
  • Scavved for at least two different teams before joining GASH
  • Identifies with Lucille Ball and Tigger

GASH members have previously scavved for:
  • Burton-Judson
  • FIST (including the original Lush Puppies)
  • Mathews
  • Max Palevsky
  • Pierce (and MacPierce)
  • The Shoreland
  • Snell-Hitchcock
  • South Campus
  • The Vegans
  • Vincent
  • and -- yes! -- Woodward Court

Among the favourite items and proudest moments cited by GASH members are:
  • 2001: The Michigan Avenue protest, copying the OED by hand, the giant volcano, mermaid fish tank ant farm
  • 2002: The Ann Arbor Abduction, Etch-a-Sketch Sonnenschein, college expansion palindrome, Gingerbread Palevsky
  • 2003: ITEM-3, world's biggest water willy, National Geographic editor swimsuit picture, Jello Hyde Park
  • 2004: Queer Eye for Dr. Doom, Atlasphere, the Comma Sutra
  • 2005: Theassbook.com, the UofCCG, Helen Keller Twister, license plate prime numbers
  • 2006: The poet laureate, How Much Is Inside?, cell phone marching band
  • 2007: The Gingerbread White House of Ill Repute, Making the Band, Ingmar Bergman soap commercial
  • 2008: Vegas, the Zeusaphone, the Delorean, Honkies for Harold, the double-bell euphonium
  • 2009: Scavegon Trail, the peanut-butter-on-your-body race, life-size Catan, Mario Paint “Under Pressure,” the radio show
  • 2010: The Jollyball, the Molassacre, the modem tone aria, Elephant Polo, Party Dave, Strongbad/Tuvan throat singing remix
  • eleven (!) road trips including a slew of vehicle outfits
  • Party on the Quads in pre-Prohibition days