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What is GASH?

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1. The Graduate/Alumni Scav Hunt team

2. Scav Hunt Valhalla, where the great heroes of Scav lore lay down their old rivalries and play together

3. A group of amazing people who make awesome things happen.

GASH is a diverse group.  Some Gashers joined our team for their first Scav Hunt; others remember Hunts from ten years ago.  Among our members you can find the former captains of Snell-Hitchcock, Max Palevsky, Burton-Judson, and FIST.  What we have in common is that we want to get together, have a blast making amazing items that we can be proud of... and also that we are not in our teens anymore, and don't live in a dorm.

Although we have members from almost every Scav Hunt team around, we have our own team culture.  We try to avoid being led by point values and don't mind skipping items.  Instead, we prefer to focus on creating amazing items that we love and generating unique and elegant designs and solutions that do not rely on large quantities of money or manpower.  Our smaller size also allows us to be highly collaborative:

“If you want to learn how to make a sculpture out of Plaster of Paris for an item, we will help YOU do it.  On a number of occasions I saw individuals go to another team member who they knew specialized in something they needed for an item, and instead of doing it for them, this specialist taught and assisted these individuals, teaching them new skills and making them further invested in and proud of their product.  I think this is a powerful environment for fostering a passion for the hunt more so than a larger and compartmentalized team.”  — Thias

That said, our team culture values structure and organization, and does not spurn hierarchy — nor do we avoid points.  We typically complete about half the list, and we pull in more points per Scavvie than any other team (by our calculations).  Still, we love the other teams and have an "open door" policy for anyone who wants to visit our Headquarters.

Since we aren't dorm-based, we rent commercial space for Headquarters every year.  In addition, since most of our membership doesn't live in Chicago anymore, we arrange sleeping accommodations... and we also actively encourage our members who can't make it to Chicago to participate on GASH as one of our highly successful remote nodes.