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Team Organization

GASH: Not quite as bad as this.

GASH is a sort of layered, participatory republic.  We often make decisions by broad consensus, but we also have a hierarchy in place to help everything flow smoothly, especially during the hunt.  


At the top, the team is led by a Terrible Trifecta of Captains. 

All captains generally share duties equally. However, because so many GASH members participate from places other than Chicago, one captain takes the lead on promoting remote nodes, maintaining frequent and open communication, and making that network a central part of the team experience.  This captain - nicknamed Star Fleet Captain, because they command the proverbial GASH Armada - works closely with a dedicated secretary to make sure everyone is involved, and also maintains the team's social networking presence. 

Captain Crayola B.
Captain Joan W.
Captain TBD (April elections)

Secretaries and Czars

GASH typically has two or more secretaries who help to keep the team organized. Three of them are typically based in Chicago: two to help coordinate local activities, and one to research and advise the Road Trip from headquarters.

Because manly GASH members participate from places other than Chicago, the team also has a dedicated "Fleet Secretary" to make sure communication flows freely between the remote nodes and those in Hyde Park. The press secretary works closely with Star Fleet Captain to get our remote nodes involved and foster collaboration between different locations.

GASH also has a series of Czars who help to coordinate specific days or events in the Hunt. The number of events each day can be daunting, and easy to lose track of, so GASH typically has one person in charge of each day who keeps track of when, where, and whether we're doing any given event that day. 

Although we have a number of roles that help the trains run on time, we do not have "department heads" in charge of art, construction, or any other specific area. We want every aspect of the Hunt to be open to everyone.  (We do, however, keep a list of resource people who can share their knowledge in certain areas!) 

The Rest of the Year

During the other 361 days of the year, GASH is led by GASH-ORG, our organizational listhost that plans, debates, and otherwise schemes to make Scav amazing.  All of the kinks are worked out on GASH-ORG.  Somewhere between a third and a half of the team subscribes to GASH-ORG.  Everyone is welcome to join.

To make sure things happen when they're supposed to, a group of senior and super-senior team members (known as facilitators) help keep GASH-ORG on point and remind the membership of important things to do during the year.  This year's facilitators are Tucker and Sam.

Even more than other teams, GASH needs money to function. Because we don't have dorms or house councils, we have to pay for our own headquarters, sleeping space, food, supplies, and item costs out of our own pockets. We raise most of our money over the internet, and so we rely on a treasurer to keep our finances in line from year to year. For the last 4 years, Eric Rogers has been doing the noble job of tracking our filthy lucre.

Finally, everyone on the team is part of GASH-FOGIES, our general listhost which is used mainly for announcements. It is a silly place.