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Scav in a nutshell

What is the Scavenger Hunt, anyway?

In a nutshell, the University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt (also known as "ScavHunt," "scav," or, affectionately, "the Hunt") is the world's largest scavenger hunt. It occurs on the University of Chicago campus every year for four days, and always ends on Mothers Day. It's administered by a group of students and alumni known as Judges. Every year the Judges write and release a list of items to be completed. These can range anywhere from the complex to the surreal to the hilarious. 

Who else competes?

Undergraduates make up the bulk of the participants. As one of the iconic Chicago activities, many undergraduates participate (even in a small way) at least once during their time at the College. Most dorms field their own team, though inter-dorm teams, independent (non-affiliated) teams, study abroad teams, and ultra-small (one-or two-person) teams are not uncommon.

What's this about items?

The Hunt has undergone substantial changes since it was first held in 1986. Some things remain constant, however. Over the last ten years, the average list has had: 
  • Statistics
  • Blah
  • Pages
  • # Items
  • Road trip avg distance

Joining GASH

What is GASH, anyway?

GASH stands for "Graduate/Alumni Scavenger Hunt." We also call ourselves Fogies, since GASHies doesn't sound as nice. (Yes, we're simple.)

What kind of people are on GASH?

GASH members are typically graduate students or alumni of UChicago. However, many active members of GASH are neither. Among our active members are friends, partners, and spouses of alumni and grad students; people who joined Scav while undergrads at other Chicago area schools; and even moms of Scavvies! (We've even welcomed an infant or two into our ranks when our members become parents, making the team truly multi-generational.)

Can I join GASH?

Sure! If you're a grad student, alum, friend of either, or just plain curious, email one of our captains. We try to keep our doors as open as possible.

How do I join GASH?

There is no formal procedure for joining GASH. The two things we DO ask you to do, however, are to (1) join the GASH-Fogies list host (link at right), and (2) say hi to one of the captains via email or in person. 

I would love to participate but don't know if I'll have time. Can I join the list host anyway?

Of course. We encourage anyone with an interest in the Hunt to join our general mailing list, GASH-Fogies. You can find the link on the sidebar at the right.

I want to participate, but I'm not in Chicago. What should I do?

GASH is scattered all over the globe, with members from Chicago to New York, San Francisco, Germany, and even the Philippines. Distance is never a barrier! Consider joining one of our remote nodes. These are groups of Fogies all over the country who come together, hang out, and do items in their own city. Remote nodes are a huge part of GASH, and we're always working to make the experience more fulfilling for those who can't (or choose not to) travel to Chicago for the Hunt.

3. Team structure

Who runs the team?

What do the Captains DO, exactly?

Are there positions for non-Captains?

Can I be a Captain?

4. Team funding

5. Traveling to Chicago