About GASH

We are a team for the University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt (colloquially known as "Scav," "Scav Hunt" or "The Hunt") and we are pretty cool!

We're all about these things:

Graduate students

...but you don't have to be a grad student or a UChicago alum to join! We welcome Scav newbies and seasoned scavvies alike. (We even have a former judge or two amongst our ranks.) 

Because we do not have any undergrads on our team, we are older in comparison to the majority of other Scav teams, and so we lovingly refer to ourselves as "fogies." There is no age requirement to join, however! 

GASH is like Scavhalla: a joyous, boisterous place where you get to focus on all the best things you want. We're non-competitive and we do the items that interest us, regardless of points. Our goal is to have fun!